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We all know the importance and benefits of meditation...
The challenge for some is that we’re simply not used to quieting our minds, and we’re not exactly sure how to do it.

Even when you “learn” to meditate, it can be tricky to be able to stay focused without your mind wandering all over the place, right?

That’s why recorded meditations are so popular!
When you’re new to meditating (and even if you’re not, sometimes) it’s far easier to be GUIDED through the process by listening to a recording.

We have been producing meditation audio since 1998 when we launched our “Flightwaves Brainwave Synchronization” program.

Our programs generally focus on visualization and manifesting, but we’ve also produced meditations for
  • Sleeping
  • Centering
  • Reconnecting to Your Passion
  • Cultivating Wealth Consciousness
  • And 5 More!
and these are some of the most popular programs we’ve offered in our years in business!
It’s just a fact that people love our meditations, and we’re thrilled and grateful for that!
That’s why we’ve put together our first ever Meditation Bundle – ALL of our audio meditations together in one package for you, at a nearly 90% discount when purchased all together.

This is fantastic opportunity for you if you either love listening to meditations (and I know a lot of people who do…), or if you’re new to meditation and would like to experience it as easily as possible!

Because of the popularity of the meditations that Boundless Living has produced over the years, we decided to put together a very special offer for those who love audio meditations that they can listen to anywhere, anytime, for a variety of purposes.

We have created a collection of nine audio meditations in the MP3 format and are making them available at a 90% discount when purchased together (so even if you already have one or two of them, it’s still a great deal!)

And we’ve made the deal even sweeter by included two very special “Promo codes” that offer discounts that I’ll tell you about in a moment.
Listen to an Audio Sample of Our Meditations!
This is a short compilation of a few seconds of some of the audio programs included in the bundle:
Here Are the Meditations Included In the Bundle!
Wealth Consciousness Meditation
Designed to create new patterns of “wealthy thinking”
Experiential Meditation
  Creates a realistic experience of having your vision fulfilled on every sensory level!
The Breathe Meditation
Ever feel scattered with a need to get grounded and centered. This wildly popular meditation does the job in less than 7 minutes.
Invitation to Sleep
This unique approach to an audio sleep aid supports your ability to go to sleep by “invitation” rather than command. You’ll love it!
Flightwaves - Delta/Theta
A wonderfully relaxing blend of Delta and Theta brain entrainment.
Fligthwaves - Alpha/Theta
Perfect for meditation and visualization.
The Passion Meditation
If you’re feeling disconnected from your sense of passion, we’re about to fix that!
Flightwaves Brainwave Adventure
A wild ride of audio and brainwave entrainment. Have fun with this one!
uAttract Meditation
An incredibly powerful meditation that combines intense visualization with the releasing of negative beliefs and emotions.
As you can see, we cover a wide range of things with these meditations, and you’ll have a huge library at your fingertips when you play these on your favorite mobile audio device or phone.
But as I said, the discount on the meditations themselves is just the beginning!
We’re also offering you a special promo code that you can redeem for 25% off either our Custom Meditation production service where we produce a meditation to YOUR specifications, AND you have the right to resell it however you’d like!

And/Or you can use the discount code toward our new Custom Affirmation recording service, where we record your personal affirmations, read by me, for 15 minutes, with music throughout (very popular!)
All totaled, this is a value of over $265

But today, you get ALL of this for just $1.99 at your favorite app store!
  • Get Clear On Your Passion
  • Move into vibrational resonance with what you want, QUICKLY!
  • Experience Powerful multi-sensory visualization!
  • Fall asleep quickly!
  • Center Yourself when you're feeling scattered!
  • Move into a meditative state without effort!
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